ADS Chat 002: Top PR Tips with AJC Journalist Ernie Suggs
15 June 2017

Ever wondered why no one ever picks up your press release? You spent all this time writing it up and no one will feature it. Why? We have all the reasons for you right here.


ADS Chat 001: Entrepreneur Chat with Charleigh Rocks
23 May 2017

ADS Entrepreneur Chat with Charleigh Rocks: Everybody loves the idea of sitting in their PJ’s and making money, running a business off your phone using PayPal and Square and things like that – but how many of us ever actually get to experience that? We dream of starting our own business but life often gets in the way. Well Nicole Smith-Hall has managed to beat the odds and start Charleigh Rocks – an online jewelry and handmade purses business. Today the company is 2 years old and provides a nice flow of extra income every month for her household, but how can she take it to the next level? Today she’ll share her story with you plus she’ll also ask marketing and branding expert Andrea D. Smith of The ADS Agency (also her sister!) her own burning questions about how to grow Charleigh Rocks – which we hope inspires you with your own business.

ADS Chat 001 Show Notes