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18 May 2018: One week away from GDPR – is your business ready? GDPR is all about data protection, data privacy and security. It’s for EU citizens but it’s ramifications are global indeed. Many American companies are already following suit. How will it effect your company?

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9 May 2018: What moms can teach us about marketing: when we’re little, we never really realize how incredibly smart and wise mom actually is. Here’s a few marketing lessons Miss ADS got from her own mom.

11 April 2018: Is DONE Better than Perfect? What’s holding you back? Often it’s Analysis Paralysis or Perfectionism Paralysis. Watch our “analysis” of it all here.

14 March 2018: Join me for my Bday! If you’re a March Baby like ADS, here’s wishing you a happy Bday Month!

14 February 2018: With lots of love from ADS. On this Valentine’s Day, we just want you to know that we love you very much!

29 January 2018: From writing a book to throwing a launch party, let’s take this a little bit higher…

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