The ADS Agency uniquely offers a global perspective and experience with a local touch. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, the firm specializes in marketing and branding consulting services tailored for the savvy entrepreneur and mid-size businesses. The ADS Agency brings you over 10 years of experience in the field and prides itself in never forgetting the human element in everything we do.

We’re all human. All of us.

Meet Andrea

“You’re playing small does not serve the world.”  – Marianne Williamson

Having lived all over the southeast in the US and working overseas in the UK, Andrea D. Smith is a strong proponent of new adventures, exploration and expanding your perspective via travel. Serving as our Senior Brand Director, Andrea brings over 10 years of marketing and branding experience with real empathy and understanding around what it takes to make sales happen. She’s hung with and advised everyone from the C-Suite to the aspiring entrepreneur with a dream and hope sketched out on a coffee shop napkin.

Andrea’s strengths lie in being able to quickly identify what an organization’s greatest needs are and what would make the greatest impact with the resources at hand. She enjoys working smartly and expeditiously with you to craft a vision and she moves quickly to get us there. Resourceful and strategic, she ensures your The ADS Agency experience is one you won’t regret.

As you’ll learn, Andrea loves to do business over (as those in the UK say) “a cuppa tea.” If you’re interested to see how we can help, share a cuppa with us.

Clemson University MBA. Alpha Kappa Alpha loyal. Tea enthusiast. Inspired by empowering teams to succeed.

“It’s our commitment to you that we will meet you where you are and do everything within our power to help you grow to your potential as an organization or even a personal brand. Welcome to ADS World. We’re glad to have you here.”

Andrea D. Smith, MBA
Senior Brand Director
The ADS Agency