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You can now check out our ADS podcasts online or right here on Apple Podcasts and now on GooglePlay! These generally release every Tuesday by 8pm EST. Check out our latest episodes below:

Episode 54: Two things small businesses should NOT do on Instagram.

Episode 53: How do you do a Twitter Chat? Rules, Etiquette, Expectations [ Part 3 ]

Episode 52: What is a Twitter Chat and How Does it Help My Business? [ Part 1 ]

Episode 51: How to Create a Profitable Online Challenge: Tips from Jamal Miller

Episode 50: Sneaking in Business at the Beach

Episode 49: 5 Reasons Why Titles Don’t Matter

Episode 48:

Episode 47:

Episode 46:

Episode 45: Free Resources for Entrepreneurs (check out the SBDC)

Episode 40 is THE go-to for non-profit awards events. If you’re putting on an awards show for the first time for a non-profit of yours, come here first and download this free checklist:

Episode 35 includes our Top 10 #ShopSmall Gifts of 2018 (a.k.a. our oh-so-fun ADS Christmas Wish List). Enjoy!

Our 30th Episode features our very first eBook: Authentic Marketing Magic. DEFINITELY check this one out!

Our 25th Episode kicks off our new series of getting your marketing plan together for 2019. It starts with business goals. Let’s go!

On our 20th Podcast Episode we’re celebrating our first 200 YouTube Subscribers! Check out our tips on how we got there.

Episode 17 is a special episode with Jaaz Jones of Mad Miracles, LLC. They have a phenomenal Summit coming up just for the ladies on Labor Day Weekend here in Atlanta. Check it out at to learn more!

Our 10th Podcast!: