“This morning I got a message from a highly regarded friend of mine in the Charlotte market who says 'My husband is a marketing guru and we were talking about you and your new firm this morning. He says that your marketing is the cleanest out there and he loves seeing your ads!' Additionally, people are loving our new eBlast newsletters.

We enjoy working with The ADS Agency! They're a great strategic partner for our firm regarding the marketing and branding ideas we want to try out. Very open and receptive plus we love the execution. We can't wait to see what people think of our new Facebook Live video series!”

Bobby Robinson, Esq. - Managing Attorney

The Robinson Law Group

“Very grateful to The ADS Agency for the wonderful work they're doing with our branding and helping us here at The Dilworth Group to power forward! - John Dilworth, The Dilworth Group

The ADS Agency recently created a new Services Portfolio for The Dilworth Group - a comprehensive package including a PPT presentation to be used in client meetings, a tradeshow handout and brochure folder. Future work also includes re-imaging The Dilworth Group website as well as help with social media content management. Welcome to our new client! We look forward to working with you.”

The Dilworth Group

“As a serial entrepreneur, I'm always starting up something new and therefore am always in need of assistance in the creative department. From photography, book promotion, personal branding, social media management, launch parties, eBlasts and website help - I know I can turn to ADS for any marketing need that comes up in my world. I've used The ADS Agency for over a year now and would be happy to recommend them to any friends and colleagues looking for solid and innovative marketing and branding help.”

Wesley B. Owens, CEO

The Bison Group

“There was a time when you googled us, nothing about us would come up at all! Now, through the help of social media content and natural, organic SEO tactics, you'll see content pop up from our Twitter account, Instagram, Facebook, blog posts on our website - you name it! I've been a client of The ADS Agency for over a solid year and am always happy to utilize them for my marketing and branding needs.”

Tariq Abdullah, CEO

Tarchitects & TCAAD



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