ADS Entrepreneur Chat with Charleigh Rocks

Everybody loves the idea of sitting in their PJ's and making money, running a business off your iPhone using PayPal, Square and swanky, fun business tools like that. But how many of us ever actually get to experience that? We dream of starting our own business but life often gets in the way. Well Nicole … Continue reading ADS Entrepreneur Chat with Charleigh Rocks

The Enthusiasm Challenge

Have you ever met someone who was just SO smart you think to yourself: there's no way they can't be successful. Smart people are successful right? Maybe, maybe not. I've come across some very smart people in my time - geniuses even. Calvin Coolidge reminds us, however, that "unrewarded genius is almost a proverb." Then again, … Continue reading The Enthusiasm Challenge

The Power of the Closed Door

Why Closed Doors Can Be┬áJust as Thrilling as Opened Ones I have a real fascination about doors. Not just any door, but the architecturally intriguing doors of old and even the newer, sleek modern doors of tomorrow. When I was in Paris this past Spring, I took a picture of every breathtaking door I came … Continue reading The Power of the Closed Door