Kindness Works.

Ever since I realized it was World Kindness Day, I started looking for opportunities to be kind to people. More than usual. Ironically they both ended up being acts of business kindness. (1) A guy at The Gathering Spot was desperately looking for anyone who might have any kind of communications / English background. What he was … Continue reading Kindness Works.

The Enthusiasm Challenge

Have you ever met someone who was just SO smart you think to yourself: there's no way they can't be successful. Smart people are successful right? Maybe, maybe not. I've come across some very smart people in my time - geniuses even. Calvin Coolidge reminds us, however, that "unrewarded genius is almost a proverb." Then again, … Continue reading The Enthusiasm Challenge

Start Here.

Something amazing is happening here in Atlanta right now - specifically for children and our communities. If you have any interest whatsoever in the betterment of our children (and therefore the present and future state of our communities), I highly suggest you dig into this. I am so thoroughly impressed with a new initiative United … Continue reading Start Here.