January Social Media Post Ideas

Fresh off the holidays, we know you might not have your January social media content all together just yet. (No worries, we’re not judging!). Of course, use your evergreen business content to post in between these fun holidays and observances below (if you’re stuck on what that is, skip to the video at the bottom to hear about our content buckets idea). Here are a couple of filler post ideas to get those creative juices flowing:

January Social Media Post Ideas: Part 1

GOALS FOR THE NEW YEAR: An obvious first choice is to talk about resolutions, goals or – our favorite – your One Word for 2021. Share yours and get your audience sharing theirs.

DATES TO NOTE: Here are some January dates to note – obscure holidays, “real” holidays / observances and everything in between. You can decide what you can make work for your own business, just remember to be creative and think about how you can both share about yourself as well as request others to share in return. Engagement is what counts here!

  • Jan. 5: Election Day (at least in Georgia for our runoff) – post your peach!
  • Jan. 8: Bubble Bath Day (share about the need for self-care)
  • Jan. 11: Vision Board Day (we’ll probably be sharing our Kanban Board, but any behind the scenes works on your vision will count)
  • Jan. 12: National Pharmacy Day (great for those in the medical community / if pharmacists are a part of your target audience)
  • Jan. 13: Make Your Dreams Come True Day (an easy-peasy one: share a dream of yours for your business / life and ask others to share theirs)
January Social Media Post Ideas: Part 2
  • Jan. 16: Get to Know Your Customer Day (ask your potential customers a question about themselves, their life, etc. – use it as a tiny form of research!)
  • Jan. 18: MLK Day (share your favorite MLK quote / how you will be observing the day)
  • Jan. 20: Inauguration Day (have you ever been in DC for an inauguration?)
  • Jan. 23: National Handwriting Day (write a handwritten note to a customer, vendor, friend, etc).
  • Jan. 24: Compliment Day (call out a teammate, client or partner company publicly with a sincere compliment!)
January Social Media Post Ideas: Part 3
  • Jan. 28: Fun At Work Day (show you can let your hair down!)
  • Jan. 31: Inspire Your Heart with Art Day (perfect day to showcase your favorite office art piece, or try your hand at drawing / painting your logo, etc).


January is also:

  • National Hobby Month
  • Hot Tea Month (our fav!)
  • National Oatmeal Month
  • National Soup Month
  • 2nd Week: Letter Writing Week

Find a fun way to work these in! These might seem “silly” and irrelevant to your business, but it gives relatable points for your audience to connect with you on. Who can be political about oatmeal? Everyone has a favorite hobby to talk about. If you want engagement, you have to start broad. Then work in your content buckets specific to your business. Curious about what those are? Watch this snippet of our January Post Ideas video (the link below will skip you to the content buckets portion of the video):

Alright, and we hope this was helpful to you! What questions or post ideas do you have for January? Would love to hear them! Feel free to share in the comments below and happy posting!