Optimize your Instagram Link (in your bio)

When’s the last time you checked the link in your bio? As you have probably figured out by now, you can’t include clickable links in your post. So, that means you’re going to always have to tell people to go to the link in your bio. It’s just the easiest way to get people to engage with you outside of Instagram. AND – since you only get one link – you’ll need to change / update it regularly, depending on your latest CTA (call to action). Even if you use a service link linktr.ee to have multiple links at once, you’ll still need to make sure it’s updated with the latest info periodically.

Here’s some neat things you might not have thought about:

  • Use a trackable link: I love Bitly for this reason. Bitly (i.e. bit.ly) gives you a trackable link so you can get all kinds of data about like total clicks, unique clicks, top referrers, top locations, etc.
  • Try Link Tree: If you have plenty of things to push all the time, you can try a service like linktr.ee to give people multiple links to choose from. Just remember to keep your links fresh (nothing like seeing a winter holiday sale during springtime).
  • Consider building your own landing page: As an alternative to services like linktr.ee, when I’m not pushing a special promotion like the #HelloFallChallenge or #HelloSpringChallenge, I usually have my own simple landing page up with my own links I can change out and imagery I can swap out as I like.
  • Use it to giveaway freebies: you can start your sales funnel by giving away a freebie you created – like an eBook, a free podcast, YouTube Channel, free checklist, etc. That’s a great way to exchange value for your target customer’s email list.

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Hope that gives you enough to be dangerous! 😉 Cheers and have fun! DM us at @theadsagency on Instagram with any questions or you can also ask them in the A-Listers Group on Facebook. Happy gramming!


Andrea D. Smith
The ADS Agency