Instagram Business Tips: Using Quick Replies as Authentic Alternative to Messenger Bots

Have you ever noticed those IG accounts that have tens of thousands of followers out of nowhere and clearly are using messenger bots, have bought followers (or paid for follower services) and just seem to have massively explosive inorganic growth? We don’t do that here. Not inorganic growth anyways. Here at ADS, we believe in authentically connecting with your audience. Slower, organic growth is far better than fast, meaningless growth with followers who mean nothing to your business. You need REAL followers and people who at least care about small business. Here’s one quick tool we thought we’d show you to help you in your engagement on Instagram. It’s called “Quick Replies.” This video shows you how to find and leverage this tool – rather than paying for messenger bots to do it for you.

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Hope that gives you enough to be dangerous! 😉 Cheers and have fun! DM us at @theadsagency on Instagram with any questions or you can also ask them in the A-Listers Group on Facebook. Happy gramming!


Andrea D. Smith
The ADS Agency