How to optimize your Instagram bio

Take a look at your Instagram bio right now. What does it say? Is it informative? Intriguing? After people look at your picture and name, the bio’s the next place people look to figure out if they want to follow you (or keep following you) and why. This is a very critical area for you – and you only get 150 characters to make your first impression here!

How to optimize your bio:

See if you can recognize some of the tips from above in these bios below:

  • Use “you” language: don’t make this all about yourself. (e.g. don’t say “We provide yadda yadda service..” or “I’m a speaker, coach, etc.”). Consider your audience and make it about them. What do they get out of following you / being involved with you? Consider that benefit and how you can emphasize that in your bio.
  • You can focus on personality / mission: You can infuse your bio with plenty of personality or speak to what you truly care about. Just remember to do that while speaking to the benefit of your followers and using “you” language.
  • It can include a call to action – like checking out your website, YouTube channel or podcast, etc. in order to experience a certain benefit. e.g. “Download a FREE copy of our magazine” with an emoji hand pointing below to the link where they can download it.
  • Feel free to incorporate emojis as bullet points, etc. (especially if you’re targeting a younger audience).
  • Incorporate relevant hashtags if you can. It makes your profile more search-friendly and your audience might be able to find you that way.
  • Whatever you do – focus on the BENEFIT to your audience. That way you can’t lose.

Check out some of these bio examples we like:

See if you can recognize some of the tips from above in these bios below:

  • @simplegreensmoothies: “Simple + tasty plant-powered real food recipes to embrace your best self, naturally.”
  • @cocacola: “Spreading optimism one bottle at a time, or maybe two bottles to share.”
  • @kendrascott: “Mom, Designer, CEO. Known for gem-inspired fashion jewelry, fine jewelry & home collections. The truest form of success is giving back. #KendraScott”
  • @blackenterprise: “All the resources you need for entrepreneurship, small businesses, money & careers! #BlackEnterprise”
  • @starbucks: “Inspiring and nurturing the human spirit – one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.”

Check out these other great Instagram tips:

Hope that gives you enough to be dangerous! 😉 Cheers and have fun! DM us at @theadsagency on Instagram with any questions or you can also ask them in the A-Listers Group on Facebook. Happy gramming!


Andrea D. Smith
The ADS Agency