Do you know the power of your Instagram name?

In our Hello Fall and Hello Spring Challenges we do (8-day Instagram Challenges for small biz owners and small biz lovers), we have participants start with introductory posts, most starting with “Hello, my name is.” Today, I want you to now consider the importance of your actual name on Instagram. Remember, people will be searching for you by your business (or personal brand) name largely but how else could they find you if they don’t know your business name? Perhaps a keyword? Take a moment to evaluate your own name and ask yourself these questions: (A) Is my name recognizable? And (B) is it searchable? Consider inserting a searchable keyword in your actual name.

If you are a business and your business name was taken when you started your Instagram account, perhaps you can modify it with something that makes sense. For example, if you’re a cleaning company – “The Good Cleaners” – and @thegoodcleaners was already taken, try for @thegoodcleanersATL.

How to edit your username:

  • Go to your profile: click “Edit Profile.”
  • “Name” Section: Enter your full business name (e.g. The ADS Agency). Or, if you’re a personal brand, enter your full name people would search for (e.g. Andrea D. Smith). You get 30 characters max here, so choose wisely! This is where you may potentially insert a keyword that your potential followers might be searching for.
  • “Username” Section: Enter your new handle if needed. The most golden scenario is to have the SAME username, if possible, across all social media platforms that you use. It makes it easier on both you and your target audience to remember how to find you no matter where you go.

Just joining us?

Not to worry, you can find yesterday’s tips on using hashtags for Instagram growth and to find the right audience on our blog.

Hope that gives you enough to be dangerous! 😉 Cheers and have fun! DM us at @theadsagency on Instagram with any questions or you can also ask them in the A-Listers Group on Facebook. Happy gramming!


Andrea D. Smith
The ADS Agency