Ready to turn over a new leaf with your Instagram? Check out the #HelloFallChallenge

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Now’s the time to join in the fun!

Doesn’t it seem like 2019 has absolutely flown by? And what does your Instagram have to show for it – lackluster results? Say no more. I get it. That’s why I’m so glad to officially invite you to the #HelloFallChallenge: eight days of Instagram fun with all the juicy tips on reviving your Instagram account with panache and effectiveness. Additionally, the point of all this is to get your followers to know you better – so you can start building meaningful relationships on Instagram which ultimately lead to more meaningful business for you.

The challenge starts Monday, September 16th and will last for 8 days leading up to the first day of fall on the 23rd. (Shh…on Day 7, we’ll release a special surprise – which we know you won’t want to miss!)

This challenge is for the small biz owners and small biz lovers alike. Invite your friends along and we hope you enjoy this journey with us! Don’t forget to join the A-Listers Facebook Group where we can all get to know each other even better!


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