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We were recently interviewed by Jim Fitzpatrick of ASBN (Atlanta Small Business Network) along with Mark Collier of UGA’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC). Check out the interview below!


REPOST from MyASBN.com:

The market for advertising firms is a crowded one, and it’s often difficult to create noticeable distinction between agencies. However, we spoke to one woman who is leveraging her connection with the SBDC to do just that. We recently caught up with Andrea D. Smith, founder of The ADS Agency and Mark Collier, Business Consultant at the UGA Small Business Development Center in Dekalb County. They joined to discuss how Andrea began her own advertising agency right here in Atlanta and the steps she’s taking with the SBDC to grow her business.

IADS Agencyn this segment, we find out the inspiration behind “ADS” and why Andrea decided to start an advertising and marketing agency. We also discuss how she came to be involved with the UGA small business development center, and the specific tools and resources that they offered. We then talk about the challenges she faced and the ways in which she overcame those obstacles. Andrea then offers her top basic marketing strategies and the long-term goals for her business.

To find out more about Andrea and the ADS. Agency, be sure to watch our entire interview above.

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