How iTunes Shutting Down Effects Podcasters

I’m sure by now you heard the iTunes news that came out a little over a week ago. THe nearly two-decade-old iTunes is going away to be replaced by three key functional areas it serves anyway: Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and Apple TV. But how will that effect us podcasters (especially those of us who are new to the game)? I tweeted to LibSyn (my podcast hosting service) and here’s what they had to say. You can check it out in the YouTube video below – or – if you don’t have a few minutes to watch, you can scan the news below in the transcript.

Before you go, let me know what you think about podcasts. Do you have a podcast of your own already? Interested in starting one? Do you listen to podcasts now? If so, which are your favorite ones? Let me know in the comments below and cheers!

TRANSCRIPT: Hey there, it’s Andrea with ADS here to bring you the very best in marketing and branding tips as well as business tips for those of you who are entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and personal branders. Welcome and thanks so much for being here. Today is gonna be short and sweet – we’re just covering iTunes and I know you probably have heard of this but in case you haven’t I was like let me just make
sure that you who are here on YouTube have heard this from me. So if you’ve not heard the news, iTunes is going away (aww) – but not immediately. It will be a long, long transition out in favor for separate completely separate apps for the three main functions that iTunes was serving. So now there will be Apple Music. Apple Podcasts and Apple TV.

So why do I want to bring this to you? I’m here really for the podcasters, because if you’re a podcaster – especially a new one like me (I’m a new podcaster – only like a year-ish old now) you may have not heard this news before, you know. So when I heard iTunes was going away I was like “what will happen to my podcast? I have podcasts, I go to iTunes, what will happen?” And I say iTunes everywhere – iTunes everywhere (why wouldn’t you because right now you go to iTunes to listen to your Apple Podcast, which they’re now going to be called) and so I went straight to the source my source which I use for my podcast which is LibSyn. LibSyn: highly recommend it. If you are new to the podcast world, want to get into the podcast world, let me know in the comments below, I’d be happy to do a video sometime about how to get into podcast and how to set it all up and all that kind of stuff but I used LibSyn and that is the thing that I upload my mp3 files to for my podcast and it disseminates out to my various podcast channels for me. So that includes what is currently iTunes and also Google Play and all the other places where you can download a podcast. So I hit up LibSyn on Twitter – Twitter the ultimate place to chat with people (do not believe it’s dead – it’s fantastic!). Actually, I just met the main guy for Twitter – Jack Dorsey – who’s the original co-founder and now CEO chairman of Twitter as well as Square, he came for the Hope Global Forum so that’s what our last video was about. But in any case, Twitter: don’t sleep on it brothers and sisters!

So about this podcast deal, I went to Twitter, chatted it up with LibSyn, I was like “hey LibSyn, heard this news about iTunes; what’s gonna happen with us? Let us know as soon as you know,” thinking it was new news to them and they were like “honey child, this is not new!” They were like “we have known about this for years!” And I was like, “oh, my bad, I’m sorry,” and they were like “anybody who has been paying attention in this space would know that this has been coming for years now,” and I was like “well pardon moi, LibSyn, I am a newbie user so excuse me I had not heard it.” And then they were like, “oh you’re a user! Go listen to our podcast!” So they do have a podcast called The Feed, so now I will be listening to their podcast. But in any case, they pretty much said if you are a LibSyn user or if you’re any podcaster and you have a podcast (which you likely do) going to iTunes, there’s really no change for you. The only thing that Apple has asked people to do apparently for two years now (which I did not get that memo when I came in a year ago), they’ve been asking people to do is to use the graphics and the term Apple Podcasts. Simple, and otherwise everything else should be seamless, no changes with your stream, your feed, that everything and all that should be fine.

So if you’re a podcaster, that’s it! All you really should do is look for that imagery – Apple Podcasts – and also use that terminology so wherever you were putting out immediately went over to my website and changed it all out from iTunes to Apple Podcasts, so that’s what I’m using everywhere. It’s much longer to say Apple Podcast as opposed to iTunes but we’ll get used to it and that is all.

So are you a podcaster? Do you podcast right now? Have you thought about a podcast? If so, I really want to know your questions. What questions do you have about podcasting? Again, you know I’m probably – golly – how many episodes am I on right now? I must be close to 50. I feel like I’m in the 50s. I should be higher – for a minute I went really off the wall with my podcast and I was doing great and then you know kind of hit a low and was only doing my YouTube content regularly and kind of left my podcast alone for a minute
and now I’ve picked it back up and I’m like “podcasts are important! My podcasts are important!” And then got back on it so not easy to do all of it by yourself but give yourself some grace, right? So in any case, again, mine is like a year-ish old.

If you have questions about a podcast, how do you set it up, how do you do it, what do you use, how do you record, what mics, software, blah blah blah – just let me know, I’m happy, happy, happy to answer those questions. I ‘ve not done a little checklist for podcasts yet and so you know I love checklists so happy to answer those questions and that is all from me today. All right? Also, by the way, I had a great meeting at the SBDC today – Small Business Development Center – I’ll be happy to update you guys on that later but they’ve just given me a lot to think about. As you know, SBDC – that was probably two videos back now – it’s a great free resource already paid for by your taxpayer dollars: a great free resource that is at your disposal. You get a free advisor, free counselors, free people kind of advocating on your behalf, helping – helping you to figure out this world of business and how to grow your business in the way that you intend, so more on that later. All right. Cheers!

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