The 2018 Entrepreneur Christmas Wish List

So what DO you get that entrepreneur in your life? We asked a few of our entrepreneur friends (and we’re also sharing from our own experience) what’s on their list that would be specifically helpful to them as an entrepreneur. Here you go! What else should be on the list by the way? Let us know in the comments below!

Our 2018 Entrepreneur Christmas Wish List

Be sure to view the video below as well as the 22 items (and a bonus item) beneath that:

1. Photography: One thing every entrepreneur can use is a nice photo shoot session. It doesn’t have to be a full-day photo shoot (which can get quite pricey), but a nice morning session can be as low as $250 with an excellent photographer (we know quite a few great ones!). You could also gift them a headshot session in the $125 range (please don’t do a cheesy Wal-Mart or Olan Mills session, make it a real, contemporary headshot with character that reflects their brand).


2. Social Media Inspiration: Gift them a social media strategist with perhaps a set of 15 postable images / content they can share in the first month of the year!

PS – this is a nice little “stocking stuffer” type of gift as well that goes along with that: “Read This if You Want to be Instagram Famous” – $10.56

3. Blog Post Allowance: One of the biggest things entrepreneurs struggle with is blog post writing. Even if they are a decent writer, it’s usually the last thing on their list to attempt to do for themselves. Gift them a blog post allowance with a copywriter or blog post specialist! They’re content calendar will thank you!

4. Hair Appointment: Yes, yes, yes. Color, cut, style, etc. This goes for men, too! We often take care of ourselves last, so…this one’s a no-brainer. Ladies cut and color can run about $150+ depending on the salon, so know that a salon gift certificate to the right place would be quite appreciated.


5. Mani / Pedi Gift Card: …because who doesn’t love a mani-pedi (for the reason stated in Point 4). Guys can get mani / pedis too! (Just maybe skip on the polish. Or don’t – if that’s your cup of tea!).

6. Nice Clipboard (Russell + Hazel acrylic clipboard: $27): We adore a nice clipboard and can never get enough of them. This one by Russell + Hazel is our latest object of adoration.


7. Fancy Feather Pens! ($10.99): Maybe this one isn’t so much for the guys, but if you have a lady with flair to buy for, this one makes for a nice and unexpected token gift! Affordable yet sizable!

8. Business Card Gift Card: Every entrepreneur needs to be armed with a great set of cards – and we’re always running out of them! Gift them a gift card from a place like Moo or with a designer or print shop that can help them with their next order.

9. Gift Card for Promo Items: ADS promo items to date include compact mirrors, umbrellas and champagne flutes. We always need a promotional items budget for our events, for client gifts, etc. Put about $200 towards this. It’ll go a long way!

10. Beauty Ring Light, Mics & Tripod (for entrepreneurs who do / will be doing video): these are our favorite video equipment items below:

BEAUTY RING LIGHT: Savage Luminous Pro LED Ringlight Plus (about $297)

MICS: Insignia – Omnidirectional Lapel Microphone (about $82)

TRIPOD: Acuvar 50″ Smartphone/Camera Tripod with Rotating Mount & Wireless Camera Remote. Fits All Smartphones X, 8, 8+, 7, 7 Plus, Android Note 9, S9 etc.

11. Chamber Memberships: These can run anywhere between $200ish to $400ish or more per year, depending on where you go. Definitely a much appreciated gift!

12. A few free months at a Coworking Space (like WeWork, ClubCorp, Roam, etc.): very self-explanatory. Who can’t use a change of scenery?

13. Laptop (we like this new Microsoft Surface Go for $499 – light and easy to take with you!)

14. Laptop sleeve (love these Kate Spade sleeves in metallic gold – $69.99

15. Power chargers for on-the-go (especially for laptops)

16. Starbucks and Local Cafe Gift Cards (love Amelie’s in Atlanta and Cafe Intermezzo!)

17. Salon and Massage Gift Certificates / Memberships

18. Session with a Business Coach (preferably in their field). The Service Nerd offers business coaching for less than the price of a Starbucks latte a day. Message us if you’d like to get connected!

19. External hard drive (we like the My Passport Ultra – 4 TB; ours was on sale for $80ish). Perfect – especially if your entrepreneur is into video content! They’re gonna need the space!

20. Yoga Class Subscriptions (because every entrepreneuer needs an investment in their mental and physical health). If you’re in the Atlanta area, we recommend Westside Yoga.


21. Whiteboard (because who can’t use a whiteboard for their plans to take over the world?)

22. Travel Bag (love this green leather bag by McKlein USA for $190.49)

green bag

⭐ BONUS 1: We love this idea from SBA Georgia! Nominate your favorite entrepreneur for a National Small Business Week Award! #SmallBiz

⭐ BONUS 2: One of our YouTube Viewers suggested Gas Gift Cards as well. Also awesome!

⭐ BONUS 3: Check out these fantastic Entrepreneur-Inspiring books we listed on our ADS Christmas Wish List:

Tell to Win by Peter Guber: Connect, Persuade and Triumph with the Hidden Power of Story. Amazon: $16.10

Hunch by Bernadette Jiwa: Turn Your Everyday Insights into the Next Big Thing. Available through The Itinerate Literate, Charleston. #ShopSmall: $23.00

Behind the Facade by Alicia Butler Pierre. A must-read for any business that seeks to expand for the first time, full of operation savoire-faire to make sure your business has every chance to thrive. Atlanta-based, a good friend of mine! #ShopSmall: Hardcover: $45.00. Digital: $11.00

Strategically Suited by Lee Heyward. Your secret edge to grow sales and get new clients. Level-up your look to level-up your business! Paperback: $12.95. Kindle: $7.99. Met her in Charleston!! #ShopSmall

The More You Hustle, The Luckier You Get by James Oliver, Jr. Take it from a guy who’s been on The Today Show not one, not two, but THREE times! Every parent can be a parentpreneur. #ShopSmall: $19.99

Rise & Grind by Daymond John. HSN: $10.45.

The Memo by John Hope Bryant – Five Rules for Your Economic Liberation. A must-read for anyone seeking to gain true financial freedom! #ShopSmall $11.99






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