10 Pre-Holiday Mindset Tips from the Author of Eat, Pray, Love (Elizabeth Gilbert)

What’s most sacred to you in your life? Your time? Your family? Your relationships? Your sanity? Holidays are a good reminder of that. But let’s face it: (A) Work doesn’t stop just because the holidays roll around (especially for us entrepreneurs) and (B) although the holidays are supposed to be fun and merry, it can also present some tough situations for a lot of people and families in general. These tips are great for workaholics who often let work creep into their family time at the holidays, for people who have to deal with awkward and uncomfortable family conversations (potentially around that holiday dinner table) and also for those of us who just have a hard time saying no in general (to clients / bosses if you’re working, or even to family, etc.) when we really should.

Eat, Pray, Love Author Elizabeth Gilbert recently spoke at the Center for Women’s #C4WNEW Conference (Women’s Conference) in Charleston. We thought she was ABSOLUTELY amazing!! And since it’s just before the holidays, I wanted to share these as some pre-holiday tips for you – just to help you get your mind right before tearing yourself away from work and seeing family (although they’re great for you to know regardless of the time of year anyway!).

These tips are about protecting what’s most important to you – what’s most sacred. They’re designed with women in mind (since this was a keynote at a women’s conference), but they are quite applicable to men as well. Cheers and let me know your thoughts on these tips! We included the time-stamps below so you can jump to whatever tip interests you most (of course, we love ALL of the tips!). Absolutely excellent! What tips do you have to help get the most out of your holidays?

10 AMAZING Pre-Holiday Mindset Tips I got from listening to Elizabeth Gilbert – Author of Eat, Pray, Love:

1. 2:35 – The most powerful words a woman can say: I. Don’t. Care. Remember, it is not your job to say yes to everything. It IS your job to know what to say YES to so you can have the power to say no to the things that aren’t that important to you.

2. 3:51 – Know the Power of Boundaries….so you can protect the things you DO care about (like your time, your relationships, etc.).

3. 4:39 – The Key to Making ANYthing Sacred (like yourself, family, etc.) – draw a circle around it. Things are sacred because we say so.

4. 6:25 – You get to control who gets to walk around in your mind (fabulous Gandhi quote). Don’t let negative talk from others enter your mental space.

5. 7:28 – The story of the Kali Durga Goddess (of the Hindu faith) brings some good lessons on how to protect your boundaries.

6. 10:26 – This is what mysticism (Elizabeth believes every religion has some form of a mystic) can teach us about tough situations: the most relaxed person in the room has ALL the power.

7. 15:20 – In difficult situations, it’s important to know how to download the magic. How to find your peace and connect to the infinite (whether that be God for you, the universe, etc.).

8. 18:33 – The Story of Job (Biblical Reference from the Christian faith) reminds us that we have never commanded a sunrise. As much as we’d like to think that the Earth doesn’t spin unless we crank it, it doesn’t. Knowing a bigger power is above it all can actually provide great strength, power and peace in ANY situation.

9. 23:03 – Don’t use that rope to hang yourself. Instead, use it to draw a circle around yourself – to declare and keep yourself sacred. And know that everything is always gonna be alright. That’s the peace you have when you can connect with the infinite.

10. 23:04 – Knowing how to “download that magic” can give you the power to walk into ANY situation, any room in the world, with all the power you need.





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