Why loving yourself is important for business

The world is full of insecurities and it’s not hard to see why. Fill in the blank: I hate _______ about myself. It’s not just about “being fat” – it’s about things like not being married, not having kids, not having finished that college degree, not having that house, that car, that…that, that. It is not hard to feel like you don’t “measure up” to the beauty, professional, etc. standards that are so prominently displayed in our society and beyond. In fact, it’s quite easy. That’s easy to do and COMMON. And what else is easy? Hating ourselves because of it. And judging others as well – because of their imperfections and because of how much they don’t “measure up” either. In fact, judging ourselves is quite expected – so it makes sense when people are taken aback by those who do know how to love themselves. It is, in fact, UNcommon.

As one of my favorites Marianne Williamson says, “there is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that others around you don’t feel insecure.” In fact, SHINING – living freely, loving ourselves completely as we are (flaws and all) and for who we’ll become, and even having compassion for where we’ve been – gives others the freedom to do the same. It is a liberating feeling to do so. And that’s NOT easy. That takes hard work. Learning to love ourselves and therefore truly love others is a lifelong journey. And we can either get better and better at it or we can be stagnant and “safe” and comfortable in that very judgmental space where we judge and hate ourselves and others. What’s actually beautiful is growth. Continual self examination and growth. And helping others to be liberated from their own fears and blockages to love. So yes, I 100% agree with the necessity of loving ourselves. It is so necessary. Because if we cannot have compassion and love for ourselves where we are, it is impossible to have the same for others. We cannot give what we do not have.

“If we fail to have love for ourselves, what are we really creating in this world? What are we putting out there? Because if it’s not made in love and if it’s not made with the intention of TRULY helping and serving others, what are we really doing with our businesses?” – Andrea D. Smith

Our video below on this topic includes excerpts from Oprah’s interview with Maya Angelou before she passed as well as from the movie “The Answer Man” and our take on Chief Justice Harold Melton’s swearing in ceremony to The Supreme Court of Georgia. Enjoy and share your thoughts with us here!

Andrea D. Smith
The ADS Agency