What’s your One Word for 2018?

Maybe you’re not in the New Year’s Resolution camp. Or maybe you do make those goals every year, only to find out your zeal for those lofty weight loss, finance and meditation dreams have yet again fizzled and faded by February (congratulations, you’re a normal human being). Maybe this year you should think about just One Word instead? It’s a fun way to theme your year and One Word is a lot easier to funnel an abundance of ideas in one main direction. So if you had to pick One Word, what would it be? Ours is Purposeful. A close second (and always the case) – LIVE!! Last year, our Year One in business was definitely accidental (what we call accidental entrepreneurship). Year Two, however, will definitely be on purpose – especially considering all the many lessons learned in Year One. It was a great first year and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for Year Two! We did a chat all about 2018 One Words and some of our A-Listers came up with some great ideas! Here’s a few of them: Breathe, Healthy, Explore, Inspire, Destiny, Execute, Love, Driven, Relationships, Unapologetic, Evolve, Determined, Endurance, Reach. What’s yours? Let us know and cheers to a ______________ (fill in the blank) year for you!


Andrea D. Smith
Senior Marketing & Brand Director
The ADS Agency