Leopard is a neutral (and many other style tips you didn’t know for personal branding)

Yes, leopard – and apparently any kind of animal print – is a neutral. The colors – tans, browns, blacks – are all neutrals. Zebra is a neutral. Snakeskin. Also, curvy girls can wear stripes, patterns can be mixed and – above all – positively everything must be tailored according to ADS Style Chat expert Morgan A. Wider. Why are we talking about fashion today?

Because it does matter for your business.

Morgan Wider
Morgan A. Wider, Styled by Stats

It’s a part of that package people see before they ever even talk to you, a part of the messaging we want the world to know about us and the story we ultimately want to craft for people that lets them know who we really are. But how do you do those things in a way that fits with your personal brand, is authentically you and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? Right. Challenging. We know it. That’s why we brought on Morgan from Styled by Stats to teach us some of her top tips she’s sharing right now with some of the United State’s luckiest women. (Don’t worry guys, most of these tips can work for you too).

Morgan has worked on international branding strategy and vision for brands like Osh Kosh B’Gosh, Carter’s, Aeropostale and Old Navy. After learning about the economic side of products like attire at Georgetown University in DC, she worked in corporate retail in places like San Francisco, New York and now Atlanta. One of the things we find delightfully uncanny about her story is that The ADS Agency and Styled by Stats started around the same time: back in October of 2016. So at this moment we’re both 9 months old and rockin’ the entrepreneur scene! It was our pleasure to meet with her, get her best style tips, mix it with our knowledge of personal (and business) branding and bring that back to you here. You can watch the Facebook Live episode below and we’ll be adding in her top 5 tips here below that this weekend. Enjoy!

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Go to Morgan’s website, Styled by Stats, to download her free seasonal shoes guide.

First, think about whether or not you’re a “Bland Betty” or an “Overdone Debbie.” Pretty self-explanatory, but on a scale of 1-10 (1 being Bland Betty and 10 being Overdone Debbie), where do you think you lie?

  1. FIT of Your Clothes: Oversized clothes mean you’ve given up while super tight clothes indicate either a weight issue or make you look like the “sex pot” of the office. Friendly and important tip: use a TAILOR!! Get everything tailored. For the cost (just around $20-30 per piece, depending), not only do you get clothes that fit right, but they look custom-made just for you! Everyone will notice the difference – especially you!
  2. COLOR Matters: A Bland Betty will hide herself in black clothes. What does that say to those you’re meeting with and come into contact with? That your voice doesn’t matter. Additionally, a Bland Betty’s black attire is often far too oversized, making her look frumpy and the opposite of sharp. Overdone Debbie, however, has on 20 colors and patterns and we don’t know what to pay attention to when we look at her. The fix? Don’t be afraid of color. Used wisely, it can garner the right amount of attention and give you a professionally branded edge.
  3. Jewelry is FUN! If “FIT” is the most important and serious element of fashion, jewelry is the part you can really have fun with. Don’t overthink this area! A Bland Betty will wear the same jewelry everyday (guilty!). Overdone Debbie, however, has on 60 different items at a time. What’s the middle ground? Again, don’t be afraid of jewelry. Have fun with it! But if you tend to go overboard, try taking off an item or two – especially when it comes to jewelry right around your face – the place everyone pays attention to the most when you’re talking.
  4. Your BRAND: Know Who You Are. Be very clear on who you are. Don’t go for the clothing you got for Christmas that doesn’t fit you. And don’t look different everyday! (All of us know someone who looks completely different everytime we see them because of their hair, their style, etc.). Be recognizable. Also, consider your profile pictures and pictures you have of yourself on your website, LinkedIn and other platforms. Are the looks consistent? Could someone recognize you on the street today just from your pictures online? BIG TIP: Consider your Signature Look. It’s totally fine to create a look that’s all you while still playing with variety in color, jewelry, hair and makeup, etc. Just don’t do drastic changes often.
  5. Up your CASUAL GAME. Most things in your closet this day and age should get multiple uses. If you have a pencil skirt on Friday during the day, take it casual for the evening by unbuttoning your blouse a bit more, adding some sparkly, fun jewelry and changing up your shoes. Invest a bit in jeans, comfy heels and casual accessories. Sometimes, clothes can be sexy by the fit – so you can still buy the brands you love, but maybe buy them a size down for when you want to go out somewhere. Still consider your messaging even when going out, grocery shopping, working out, etc. You’re still representing your brand everywhere you go and you don’t know where your next form of business may come from. Always be ready!

You can get more style tips from Morgan by following her on @StyledbyStats on Instagram and Facebook. Next time when she comes back we’ll talk about shoes.

Andrea Pic
Andrea D. Smith, Senior Brand Director, The ADS Agency