Do Something That Matters Today: a Productivity Tip I LOVE.

We LOVE these productivity tips. A million people have them, but this one really works. Simple. Doable. Good stuff all day. Try it!

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You’ve heard it all before and that’s because it’s true – we often get far too caught up in “busy work” and it often feels like we’re doing so much because we’re so busy. Truthfully, when we think about it (and we already know this): that’s often not the case. So how do we get to the things that matter? Here’s a tip I heard the other week that I’m trying and love:

Tonight, before you go to bed, think about your list of “to-do” items (yes, that ever-growing list with no end *shakes fist*). When you think about that list, think of 3 important things you can do tomorrow. Those 3 important things should be something that obviously matters, where you can say to yourself: “If I get these 3 things done today, I can feel good about my day – like I really got something done that…

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