Only drink this if you’re ready to fly…

A bit tired of your Starbucks? Perhaps try this cool new spot in Marietta, GA! Having just opened a little over a quarter ago, Cleo Coffee Shop is an eclectic mix of Turkish, Persian and Egyptian-inspired flair. There’s a fun Persian tea room you’ll really find quite novel where you can sit on traditional rugs and relax on intricately designed pillows. The hibiscus tea was quite lovely, but if you’re feeling gutsy and up for something really different, I’ve got something for you. I’ve been told to

…only drink this if you’re ready to fly!! 

Even though they mean the high caffeine content I’m sure, I’m quite metaphorical in nature so of course that’s a challenge I had to take on. Am I ready to fly?? Oh yes! I have been warned several times now that I’m going to be up all night and everyone hopes I have a lot of work to do because I won’t be able to sleep. ALL NIGHTER – yes!!!! Who’s in?? šŸ˜‰

The other nice thing about this space is it’s just a block or so off of Marietta Square. I walked here after a lunch meeting today and plopped down in one of their workspaces to get a few hours of work done. The owner, Haz, prides himself in providing a quiet place for people to work and encourages his regulars to come in and do so. He’s even planning an expansion soon which will include some quaint outdoor spaces. Cleo Coffee Shop already dons an outdoor patio area complete with your umbrella shade to people watch.

Finally, there’s plenty of interesting desserts and cuisine to try. Everything from meat pies to baklava. Stop by sometime and say hello to Haz! I think you’ll find it quite interesting here.