The ADS Agency Featured for Thoughts on the Future of Marketing

Recently, The Future of Everything asked marketing thought leader and The ADS Agency founder Andrea D. Smith for her thoughts on the future of marketing. The Future of Everything features industry experts from a variety of industries who have an interesting perspective, unique insights, and a strong opinion. This month, they asked CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and executives who operate in the marketing industry and have a good understanding of where this industry is heading in the future this one question: “What’s the Future of Marketing?” Check out a snippet from the blog post below and Andrea’s thoughts as well. What do you think the future of marketing is?

Ask The Thought Leaders: What’s the Future of Marketing?

By Nick Hastreiter |

Without marketing, it’s fair to say that a business cannot exist.

Marketing combined with sales is the growth engine every company needs and while most know how important it is, the fact what works today  won’t work tomorrow makes it challenging to stay up to speed.

Marketing has changed drastically over the past decade. While the Madmen days were  a reality before, today, times have changed. Today, thanks to technologies like big data analytics, the madmen days are gone and the mathmen days have arrived.

So, where is all this headed? To get a better understanding of where marketing will take us in the future, we spoke with industry leads and asked:

What’s the future of marketing?

This is what we learned…

Andrea D. Smith, Senior Brand Director at The ADS Agency

andrea“I think the future of powerful marketing will continue to be found in the ability to be HUMAN. To be authentic. To make you feel. It is THE thing that cuts through the clutter and I think it will be 10 years from now as well. The difference is the methods we’ll have at our disposal to be able to reach you in your life – and tech (including AR/VR, drones, etc.) will be an inevitable part of that. Messaging will ultimately end up being seamless – integrated into your home (notifications when you’re about to run out of toilet paper or automated technology that simply orders it for you based on a service you subscribed to). Perhaps we’ll have mini-drones physically deliver you an item you just purchased or asked for. But as always, what we have to be careful of is being welcomed as opposed to being intrusive.”

You can read the full article here along with other marketing thought leaders. What do you think the future of marketing is? Let us know!


11 Replies to “The ADS Agency Featured for Thoughts on the Future of Marketing”

  • Absolutely would agree with that Graylyn – thanks for weighing in! We’re extra excited about the possibilities with drones in a variety of industries – both in the B2B and B2C space! As a friend of mine just told me about this blog post “we are living in amazing times!” So true.

  • Great take on marketing. That’s funny because I was going thru some stuff in my room and found a floppy disk from my college days and thought what a long way we have come in the past 12 years .. you are prob right who knows what the future holds. I kind of wish I could find out what was on the floppy disk, but oh well!

    • Ha!! YES I remember the floppy disk days! (Dating ourselves now Jeffrey). I’m sure there must be a way to extract info from a floppy disk even now – some kind of conversion technology.

  • Andrea as I read your article you conveyed some key points that I value as well. My belief is streamlined along with yours. In the fact that we should give credence to our technology. But the technology is there to assist us and not overshadow human ability. Yes as human beings we have been blessed with the ability to create from any platform. So thank you Ms. Andrea for your acknowledgement and recognition of the future of technology via (Drones). Technology is already advanced to the point that you can select your groceries online and the store will deliver it right to your home address. Andrea your article was a very Good Read!
    Rev. Dr. Sean A Crowley, Sr.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts here Sean! Wouldn’t it be fun to have a tiny drone deliver something as small as business cards right to your lunch table? I’m sure that’s coming down the pipeline.

  • Drones can’t replace the human spirit. The one that makes you remember a product or service because of how “someone” made you feel at that moment in time. Old school perspective that will still be standing when oceans have drown.

    • Agreed! Humanity rules out always. I think the tech capabilities of the future will just be a unique part of how we still resonate in a very authentic, human way with people. Authenticity is a lasting principle and golden rule of thumb for marketing and branding in my book – and so is humanity. 👍🏽

  • Thank you, this is great. I agree with being authentic and staying authentic in future marketing. I see the future there!

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