Cafe Review: Cool Beans Coffee Roasters – an eclectic hangout for R&B and art lovers (bonus Starry Night room!)

Our cafe pick of the month is Cool Beans Coffee Roasters. Nestled right by gorgeous and quaint Marietta Square in Marietta, GA, Cool Beans is an unexpected mix of throwback urban flavor and an art vibe reminiscent of the heart of Asheville, NC. You’re as likely to find young high school students and millennials there as you are parents, grandparents and puppies (yes, they’re dog-friendly!). They roast their coffee in-house, but they also sell it wholesale to a couple of area groceries.

The neatest thing we saw there? This cool Starry Night room! A tiny twin-size work space, it features art inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night and overlooks the entryway so you get plenty of people-watching: traffic coming in and out as well as people hanging out inside and a street view. You can also see across the entryway to another similarly sized alcove, which looks like it has new mural art going up on the walls as we speak.

The last bit of surprise: the music. With such a diverse crowd, it was interesting to hear the music selection of choice for a Sunday evening: 90s R&B! Everything from Montel Jordan to Michael Jackson, a bit of (now) old school Beyoncé and even some R Kelly slow jams. Tres, tres, interresante! Check it out sometime. You can’t go wrong with so many other fun restaurants and stores within walking distance on The Square.