Can you schedule Instagram posts? 

Technology and social media are always changing and it can be hard to keep up! We get it. Here’s our review of some of the latest Instagram programs / apps if you’ve been considering something to help you:

ScheduGram: posts for you but also comes with a nominal fee. The nice thing is that it allows you to add multiple instagram accounts, lets you post video and multiple photos at a time. Buffer is another one you might want to check out which we hear several marketers love. We haven’t checked it out yet but we’re curious to know what others think.

These next apps don’t post for you, but they’re free at the moment. You can upload your imagery and associated text and the programs tend to prompt you when you should post them. Not bad if you’re fairly savvy with your phone:

Laterformerly Latergramme, Later affords an easy way to schedule, plan and publish your instagram posts without the fees attached. It gives you a calendar view of your scheduled posts as well as allows you to preview how your posts will appear in a feed, among other features. The downside: you can really only have one Instagram account on the free plan. If you pay $19/mo (as of the date of this blog post), you get just two Instagram accounts. The most you can get is 5 accounts and that comes at a price tag of $49/mo. Not ideal for those of us who handle 10 accounts or more.

Publish (which used to be Take Off): TakeOff lets you have multiple administrators for your Instagram accounts to allow for collaborative efforts. It also provides photo, tagging and timing suggestions. I downloaded it to check it out but so far it’s not even letting me connect any accounts. So….zero stars from me on that one.

In short, I don’t see any fantastic solutions for Instagram scheduling just yet. Some interesting attempts, but most are still lacking in functionality to date. Have you seen any good Instagram apps out there?